Highwind is a lightweight, responsive, free WordPress theme designed to showcase content. It features a clean design with a strong focus on typography, plus a bunch of presentational options allowing you to give your site a unique touch.

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Highwind is a lightweight theme, so you won’t find endless theme options, sliders, portfolio modules, colour schemes, shortcodes and other extraneous functionality. There’s just enough features for it to be used as a simple blog / personal site, with a healthy sprinkling of developer friendly tools to extend and customise.

Developer Friendly

Loads of hooks and filters to extend and customise Highwind via plugin and/or child theme.

Footer Widgets

In addition to your sidebar you can add widgets the three defined regions in the footer. These will be arranged in columns according to which regions you use.


Highwind has been fully optimised for small screen display. Your content will look beautiful whether it's viewed on a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone.

Theme Options

Just enough options to make your site unique. There are options to change colors, layout and header / background images.


All aspects of typography are set up in accordance to a Modular Scale ensuring consistent typographical hierarchy.

WooCommerce Integration

Since 1.1.0 Highwind is fully integrated with WooCommerce.

Child Themes

Highwind is a child friendly theme. Here are some available child themes that demonstrate this:

Clear Tranquil

Clear Tranquil is a Highwind Child Theme with a strong focus on blogging / readability. Everything has been stripped back allowing your content room to breathe and be the focus of your visitors attention.

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Cool people using Highwind

Take a look at some examples of Highwind in action:

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I found a bug, how do I notify you?
Best bet would be to submit an issue on github (preferably with a pull request).

Can I see a demo?
You’re looking at it right now.

The features on this page are cool, how did you do that?
They’re created using the Features by WooThemes plugin and customised with a little css. You should check it out.

Can I use Highwind on
Yes you can! Highwind has been ported to by Automattic. Read more and get started.