2013 in books

I’ve always loved reading, but since buying my Kindle Paperwhite around this time last year I’ve found myself reading more and more often. During 2013 I’ve managed to crunch through 18 19 books. Not especially prolific I concede, but considering there’s a couple of monsters in my completed list I’m fairly proud of the achievement.

Of these books only one of them was a re-read – The Lord of the Rings. I’m glad to have broadened my horizons and experienced several new authors, even if I wasn’t particularly adventurous with the genres. In that regard I stuck mostly to my favourites; Dystopia, Cyberpunk (High tech, low life), Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy. This is certainly something I’m hoping to expand upon in 2014.

Books I read in 2013


The first Highlight has to be Charles Dickens. I’m embarrassed to say it’s taken me 26 years to read a Dickens novel, but it was worth the wait. Reading Dickens gives you a wholesome feeling that is difficult to describe – other people can explain that far better than I. One thing’s for sure though, I’ll be reading more in 2014. David Copperfield and The Old Curiosity Shop were both wonderful stories with colourful characters. I’ll never forget Daniel Quilp eating boiled eggs – “shell and all” and gigantic prawns with the “heads and tails still on”! Whew!

Secondly I have to mention The Picture of Dorian Gray. Oscar Wilde is better known for poetry and I feel that is well demonstrated in the melodic language in this book. As a fan of Horror & the supernatural, the macabre theme really appealed to me & for a book written in the 19th century it was an incredibly easy (and enthralling) read.

My final highlight is Ready Player One. I absolutely flew through this novel. It’s packed with so many fun references to 80s & 90s music/movie/video game culture that it totally satisfied my inner nerd. But alongside that there’s a compelling story that proves to be a real page turner. If you were born before / in the 80s and enjoy Sci-Fi you must read this book.


There weren’t many. The only book I really struggled through was Neal Stephensons ‘Snow Crash’. I don’t particularly know why, but I found the story difficult to get in to and none of the characters really appealed to me. It’s a shame because it’s put me off reading some of Stephensons other acclaimed books on my ‘to read’ list such as Cryptonomicon and Reamde. We’ll see how that goes.

Looking to 2014

I’m currently reading Consider Phlebas the first novel in Iain M. Banks ‘Culture’ series of Sci-Fi novels. How that turns out will likely impact the look of my list of books to read in 2014 as it’s quite a large series!

Overall though I’d like to read more Dickens (recommendations welcome) and perhaps try some poetry and other genres outside of my comfort zone.

Finally I must say, if you enjoy reading, do yourself a favour and buy yourself a Kindle for Christmas 🙂