Highwind 1.1.0 – now with WooCommerce support

Highwind 1.1.0 has just gone live on WordPress.org introducing a couple of fun new features.

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce is now fully supported. This means that setting up an online store using WooCommerce & Highwind is a piece of cake. With both Highwind and WooCommerce activated simultaneously you will see some new options within the Customizer.

Highwind WooCommerce Options
Highwind WooCommerce Options

Product search Bar

Product search bar
Product search bar

Once enabled a full-width product search bar will be installed beneath the site header providing a convenient way for your users to locate products.

Header Cart

The Header Cart
The Header Cart

Optionally inform your users of how many products they’ve added to their cart and what the current sub-total is.

WooCommerce Layout Options

Choose to display WooCommerce product archives / details pages in a full width format.

Content Background Color Option

Sometimes you want to visually separate your content from the background. Whether that’s because you’re using a background image or you just want to add some contrast, you can now do so.

Other tweaks and fixes

1.1.0 also introduces several minor design tweaks and bug fixes. View the full changelog on github.