Highwind 1.1.0 – now with WooCommerce support

Highwind 1.1.0 has just gone live on WordPress.org introducing a couple of fun new features.

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce is now fully supported. This means that setting up an online store using WooCommerce & Highwind is a piece of cake. With both Highwind and WooCommerce activated simultaneously you will see some new options within the Customizer.

Highwind WooCommerce Options

Highwind WooCommerce Options

Product search Bar

Product search bar

Product search bar

Once enabled a full-width product search bar will be installed beneath the site header providing a convenient way for your users to locate products.

Header Cart

The Header Cart

The Header Cart

Optionally inform your users of how many products they’ve added to their cart and what the current sub-total is.

WooCommerce Layout Options

Choose to display WooCommerce product archives / details pages in a full width format.

Content Background Color Option

Sometimes you want to visually separate your content from the background. Whether that’s because you’re using a background image or you just want to add some contrast, you can now do so.

Other tweaks and fixes

1.1.0 also introduces several minor design tweaks and bug fixes. View the full changelog on github.


15 thoughts on “Highwind 1.1.0 – now with WooCommerce support

  1. Thanks for all. But I have another question. At http://highwinddemo.wordpress.com/ I can see a sticky post and icons for the types of article, e.g. image, gallery, video…
    What do I have to do to get this work for my selfhosted blog?

    • I’m afraid that the .com and .org versions of Highwind differ slightly (I didn’t actually build the .com version). Post Formats aren’t a feature I’ve chosen to support in the .org version just yet.

      I may do so, in a future version though.

  2. oh, highwind is becoming a eCommerce theme!

  3. Hello James! I’m a new weblogger from China. I love the Style ‘High Wind’ so much that I am just using it now. (My English is bad sry..) I found a question. Not like your website, I put some pages on the second-level menu. When I click them, I come to the page. If the link is on the first-level menu, the text will not change, only a arrow follows. However, now, when I come to the second-level page, the text color change blue and the background is also blue. They look the same! Can you help me? I am not good at HTML and PHP… This is my website: http://www.roychan.org . Need your help.. Thanks!! Waiting for you reply.. :)

    e.g. In my website, “关于” is a first-level menu, and ”关于我” is the second-level menu, also a page. When I come into the page, the text changes.

  4. I use your theme and really like it. I crate a ‘rtl.less’ file for support Right-to-Left language like Persian language.
    Can you add this file to your theme?


  5. Bug report..
    there is a huge blank under the main page, above the footer.
    worse with ipad

  6. Hi, thanks for your great theme. A quick question: I’m trying to set up a home page using the Woothemes Features plugin. I’ve looked at your custom CSS but haven’t found a way to make the features responsive (i.e., have each feature stack on top of one another on a smaller screen… like how the ‘Cool People Using Highwind’ section behaves). Any thoughts? Thanks!

  7. Hi. Great theme! With regards to the WooCommerce integration, for some reason whenever a product has a variable price option, the add to cart button is missing from the product page. The button appears fine on fixed priced products. This is on a site running the latest versions of Highwind and WooCommerce. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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