Highwind now available for WordPress.com

Digging through the gargantuan backlog of emails that always accumulates when you’re away I came across one from Nate at WordPress.com that was particularly exciting.

He informed me that the theme wranglers were working on a port of Highwind, to make it available to .com users.

Well, that port is now live! It’s mostly the same on the frontend but has been rebuilt on _s on the backend. This means some of the options are a little different, but seeing as it’s a totally different audience it’s not a big deal.

It’s very cool to see my theme available to WordPress.com users :-) Get on it now!

In other news, when I have some time and have caught up with everything I will be looking to release Highwind 1.1.0 with some cool new features. Stay tuned :-)

7 thoughts on “Highwind now available for WordPress.com

  1. Woaaa. It’s look good on my blog, but why my gravatar not show ?

  2. I’ve just installed this on my blog on .com. I’m thrilled to bits with it!

  3. I couldn’t find where else to comment, but I LOVE this theme. And I’m not tech savvy. It was super easy to work with. The only thing I couldn’t figure out is how to change the footer text, but I have my web-developer sister working on that now. Thank you so much for such a beautiful theme. You can see my version here: aliciaradeswriter.com.

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