New WordPress plugin for organising your team page

Today “Our Team”, a WordPress plugin I’ve been working on at WooThemes has gone live on

“Our Team” allows you to easily collate team member profiles and then display them via shortcode, action or template tag.

Display team member profiles

Display team member profiles

A simple plugin that solves a common problem. Out-of-the-box features include;

  • Manage team members via Custom Post Type
  • Organise team members categorically
  • Add data such as gravatar, role, url and Twitter handle
  • Display via shortcode, template tag or action

Read about usage over here.

Add team members via custom post type

Add team members via custom post type

The plugin has been engineered for flexibility so that you can easily remove default fields or add your own without touching core files. You can read more about these customisations, and how to contribute on the FAQ page.

Download Our Team now

17 thoughts on “New WordPress plugin for organising your team page

  1. An excellent plug-in.
    It would be even more awesome, if one could also find some sample usage of this in terms of code, as the documentation is somewhat confusing.

  2. hi bro, how can i add read more to this plugin?

  3. How can i make the team members in a rows? Do i add code to the shortcode?

  4. I like the plugin very much on the surface and totally understand the deal with the CSS however it’s a massive pain to bludgeon this into submission. Right now I’m hours into trying to style the elements within an HTML5 Genesis theme. A bit of guidance on the element names would go a long way. Getting the right syntax for the h3 Name, the Image etc. is making me weary. Thank god for firebug.

    Still, I’ll get it sooner or later.

    • Thanks for the comment. Without wanting to sound rude/blunt your ability to write CSS isn’t really our concern with this plugin. The aim with this plugin is to provide the functionality required to create team member profiles. It is up to the theme to apply style.

      I totally hear you on the CSS / Markup reference though. We’ll hopefully get around to writing something on that soon. In the mean time take a look at this topic for a quick css snippet.

  5. Great idea Jay but not very flexible for designers which is very much the same when it comes to customizing Woo themes compared to others based on my experience.

    I coded a page template for team members today that works with Genesis and its highly flexible as it uses Profile widgets.

    No CPT or custom fields needed.

    • What makes you say this isn’t flexible? From the designers perspective this gives you ultimate flexibility. Just add you CSS via child theme or custom CSS plugin.

      I coded a page template for team members today that works with Genesis and its highly flexible as it uses Profile widgets.

      I would argue that is inflexible. If you’re relying on Genesis widgets what happens if/when you want to switch themes?

      I accept our themes aren’t great on the flexibility side of things at the minute. We’re working on that though and you will see big changes in 2014. I firmly believe that a large part of solving this is the separation of functionality and design into plugins / themes. Just as it was always intended to be. This is why we choose to make this a plugin alongside our Features / Testimonials offerings.

      This is only the beginning :-)

  6. how to add team members to about us page.

  7. Hi Ive added the our team plugin and have activated it. I have added the short codes and all the images and description. The page looks good but how do I get the images side by side instead of having one on top and another at the bottom

  8. No matter what value I enter for ‘size’, my images do not change. I’ve tried 1, 10, 100, and 1000, nothing changes the size of the image. Am I just a dolt?

    [woothemes_our_team limit=”10″ size=”100″]

  9. How can I order team members that are within an organised category? I have tried:

    [woothemes_our_team limit=”20″ per_row=”3″ category=”senior-leadership-team” orderby=>”menu_order”]

    but it doesn’t work, despite me ordering each individual team members. It is driving me mad!

  10. Please how do I get the images side by side instead of having one on top and another at the bottom? Pls help with the css i can use to achieve this..


  11. nice plugins huh..very usefull mate..

  12. How Do I add this in to my template file ?

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